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Izere Girls

Latest Product at Izere Education Centre


To empower girls from disadvantaged communities with technology skills, life skills education and mentorship for a fulfilling life in and out of school.
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Izere Teen Coaching

Equip teens and youth with relevant life skills.

The Goal

To instill and equip teens and youth in primary and secondary schools in Uganda with relevant 21st century life skills.
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I-Create Hub

Challenge youths to think creatively


Under this program, we engage our learners in Design thinking, Robotics, programming, and Art.
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I-Speak Hub

Public Speaking. Communication. Confidence

The Process

We assign modules of public speaking with great emphasis on voice projection, gestures, poise and confidence, eye contact, speech writing.
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Izere Academy

This is a training arm for Izere Education that runs programs in areas of creativity, communication, confidence building and life skills coaching for children and teenagers.

These programs run throughout the year. Through one on one classes, group classes and virtual classes your child or your class can benefit from our various programs.

Izere Girls

As a social enterprise, Izere Education invests in the plight of low income adolescent girls’ education. These are girls who need an education but equally need motivation and inspiration to stay in school despite the multitude of challenges they face.

-Annual teen girls workshop (The Kanungu workshop photo can feature here)

Izere Mentorship and Teen Coaching Hub

We empower children and teenagers with life coaching and sessions about self leadership, growth mindset, character development, mindset of academic excellence and goal setting.

We do this through one on one physical sessions, online sessions, group meetings and the Soar workshop for teenagers.

I-Create Hub

Every child has a creative seed inside; it is our role to nurture these seeds to blossom.

Children have a higher propensity to be creative than adults.

Through this hub, children are given tools to create anything through sessions in design thinking, coding, robotics, art and other digital tools.

I-Speak Hub

A skill learned in childhood is a skill that sticks throughout adulthood.  

Confidence building Public speaking and other communication tools and skills is what the children and teenagers learn if they sign-up for this hub.

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