Nurturing self leadership in children

Hello parent,

 Every one of us needs to be their own leader before we can seek to be leaders to other people.

Self leadership is about having self-awareness, having self-acceptance,  seeking self growth and practicing self-discipline towards achieving your goals and objectives.

Our children are home. They need the self-discipline to do what they are supposed to do.

Do they have a schedule that they are following to get their goals accomplished?

 Are they waking up early and doing what they ought to do without anyone running after them?

 It is sustainable if it is their initiative to be responsible.

Do they have core values, they are living them?

Do they have goals they are trying to achieve?

Are they engaging in home chores, taking care of their wellness, managing their time, meeting their spiritual goals, self-regulating screen time, doing their school work and generally seeking their personal growth?

Real personal growth starts with developing self leadership and a growth mindset.

Encourage your child to start this journey by accounting for their time every day through setting simple goals and following through to monitor progress.

Be your child’s accountability partner and help them derive their motivation from within themselves.

This journey started early in life is a total game changer

As a parent this is the right time for you to nurture this.

The best start would be starting with them having a daily planner and sticking to it.

A simple planner may look like this but feel free to personalize it to your needs.

MY NAME : ______________________________________


DATE __ / ___ /___

TIME                                   TO DODONE
Note: What did I enjoy most about today?    

What task did I not accomplish today?
  What could I have done better today?    

Our new product Solution Thinkers workbook has weekly prompts of goal setting and goal review at the beginning and end of each week respectively

Cheers to a great weekend

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