Nurturing creativity in our children!

How can you nurture creativity among children!

Hello dear parent, let’s share our journey thus far,

 Lately, i find a new created item at home almost every day.

I trace this journey from the time I deliberately started creativity classes my 7 year old and when I started coaching her into confidence and problem solving.

 Simple things like asking her prompting questions instead of giving her answers all the time.

Statements like I’m bored at mine equals to more questions back.


“How do we solve that boredom?”

 Children are naturally creative than adults because they haven’t yet learnt to hold back, they equally haven’t developed the skill of determining what makes sense and what doesn’t.

It is therefore upon us as parents to nurture this skill by providing opportunities for the child to create.

 Start by introducing them to different creative activities like drawing, painting or crafting.

Encourage imagination and nurture it!

 Encourage recycling by asking them what else they can create out of something.

Don’t just throw something away, ask them if there’s anything else they can use them for.

 Remind them that they are creative and you are so proud of them.

In fact this affirmation has worked miracles at mine (ha ha ha).

 Give them creative challenges every week!

 Motivate them and appreciate what they do…don’t just rubbish what they have done however funny it might look.

 Show them creative age appropriate work they can identify with then ask them to try re doing them.

YouTube is a great start for this.

Include Da Vinci TV watching in their screen time or any other channel with creative stuff for kiddos.

 (This channel is available on GoTV, Startimes and DSTV if you live in Uganda)

Display their art work on a dedicated wall of fame or somewhere it will be appreciated and kept well.

 Please provide the supplies they need for the creative maker time.

Things like markers, recycled boxes, tape, stick glue, scissors colored art paper among others.

 (Teach safety especially with sharp objects like needles and scissors)

 Give them the permission to be creative and keep motivating them.

Creativity is a skill “their” world will definitely need!

That’s why we run “I create I speak” club.

A children’s program dedicated to nurturing creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem solving ,life skills  among other 21st century skills ..

Our latest product , SOLUTION THINKERS WORKBOOK is aimed nurturing these skills throughout the 22 weeks your child will engage with it!

Check it out here

At Izere Education, we are your partners in empowering our children with the skills they will need for “their” future!

Let’s walk this journey together!

Warm regards

Shamim Nirere

Team leader at Izere Education

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