Let’s Get Hot This Week

🔰 This week we’ll explore Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) and how we can nurture them among our Champs!

🔰 HOTs are advanced from Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTs) which include remembering and reproducing of information(rote memorisation)

🔰 Both of these skills are important because LOTs build a base for HOTs.

🔰 Most  exams given to children require them to recall information.

🔰 Memorisation is a great skill to have ..however it isn’t enough…

🔰 Our children should be able to apply the knowledge they remember

📌 HOTs questions promote critical thinking skills, creativity and opinion formation.

 🔰  They prompt learners to apply ,analyse, synthesize and evaluate information beyond simply recalling facts.

📌 Take for example climate change.

🔰Beyond the child knowing the definition of climate,

 🔰 Ask them how for example cutting trees causes climate change?

🔰 Or how using charcoal at home causes climate change..

🔰 Allow all their thoughts..don’t refuse any answer, ask them to just prove that it makes sense….

Sit back and watch them think..

All questions in the Solution Thinkers workbook fall in the HOTs..

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