Hello Educator!

What does being a teacher mean today?

Pedagogy is the profession, science, the art or theory of teaching.

In today’s world, which has been described as knowledge based economy, one where there is abundance of information; the role of the teacher has since changed

How then do you reinvent yourself as an educator in the 21st century?

Beyond giving knowledge, can you facilitate learning and help your learners to apply the knowledge they have?

You will be required to wear many hats.

You will need to be a Researcher, Digital Designer, Leader, Cooperative, Inclusive, Relationship builder, Creative, Story teller, Reflective and most importantly, you will be a continuous learner!

You will need the humility to learn from even those younger than you, to be critiqued and not lose your cool, to be challenged and not call someone a fool!

You’ll need to be specialized in your teaching areas and you’ll need to be knowledgeable about the skills your learners need. You’ll need to self-motivated and committed to continuous learning as a matter of routine!

As an educator, you need to collaborate far beyond the walls of your schools. You need to design highly engaging and relevant learning experiences through technology …..

As a Teacher you are a great stakeholder in the education ecosystem. You have the power to transform lives, communities and the world.

As teachers we can’t give what we don’t have.

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