Self Leadership



Self-leadership can be said to be the self-drive and discipline

one has to accomplish tasks and activities

This is the  kind of value we all want to see in our children. 

To see them be disciplined enough  to know that even though dad or mum are not around to tell me  what to do, I have to do it because it is for a better me. 

To see them say that I will not do this because I know it’s not right and I’m not going to just wait for mum or dad to tell me that it is wrong.


This is what Izere
is driving at through self-leadership and core values coaching for
children and teenagers.  

Below are some of the tips to help nurture their self-leadership.


Two weeks, we shared with you, our
community a daily planner for your champions. This highly helps them in self-leadership especially with  scheduling and using  their time better. This can be helpful for children below 12 years of age.


They get to know what they should do at a given time. 

This too helps them value time and know the importance of managing it, especially during this time when they are not in school.

Below is a link that can help you access a daily planner in
case you missed out on one!



This is helpful for teenagers ,especially on a weekly basis, at the beginning
of each week and at the end of the week as a review  to see whether they have accomplished them.

 You as a parent can review the goals together with them.

 Parents that purchased the solution thinkers work book, have started seeing some progress in their children’s weekly goal setting and reviewing.

Every week has a goal setting and goal review prompt.


In case you haven’t accessed one yet, get yourself one here…




In the month of November, we have a week dedicated to self leadership 

and core values  , find out more

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