Self Leadership

HELLO  SELF LEADERSHIP! Self-leadership can be said to be the self-drive and discipline one has to accomplish tasks and activities This is the  kind of

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Money Moment

WHAT DOES MONEY MEAN TO YOU? What does money mean to you? Well, you can answer that in a second right? But have you thought

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Let’s Get Hot This Week

🔰 This week we’ll explore Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) and how we can nurture them among our Champs! 🔰 HOTs are advanced from Lower

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About This

Helloooooo from Izere Education! How are y’all doing? It’s been a minute! How are the little champions doing! One quick one ,  Are you the

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Hello Teacher!

What does being a teacher mean today? Pedagogy is the profession, science, the art or theory of teaching. In today’s world, which has been described

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