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Helloooooo from Izere Education!

How are y’all doing? It’s been a minute!

How are the little champions doing!

One quick one ,

📌 Are you the parent in several Whatsapp groups looking for content to keep your child busy?

You are doing great! but …..

📌 Have you considered slowing down and instead get your child to apply the knowledge they already have?

📌 Do this by giving them opportunity to express what they already know!

📌 This week , consider asking your child to teach you or their sibling what they already know!

📌 Use this as an opportunity to assess their communication skills and their ability to express themselves.

📌 Encourage them to ask questions to check whether they are being understood!

📌 Sit back ,watch how they explain and how they handle feedback!

Share a recording of your little champion teaching what they know with us to cheer them on! 🥳🥳🥳

Great week ahead ! See Less

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