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Solution Thinkers Program

The future wont be about the right answers. We already have Google for that

The future will belong to critical thinkers, problem solvers, creators, to competent communicators and Critical thinkers

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About Us

A little about us …

“The Future won’t be about right answers, we already have Google for that” The future will belong to critical Thinkers, to creators, to problem solvers, to competent communicators and to “SOLUTION THINKERS”

Shamim - CEO Izere Education

Young Africa, needs a new set of skills for our children and teenagers to get them thriving in their future

Izere Education is a social enterprise dedicated to transform learning and skills development for young people in Africa to nurture their competency and confidence to thrive in the global economy.

Our skills development approach focuses on nurturing children’s creativity skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and collaboration skills alongside 21st Century new knowledge education, character development and mindset development



children reached through our various programs


children from Low income communities supported


vulnerable teenage girls supported through esteem and confidence building

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“Quality 21st Century Learning Outcomes for All”

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